What Tests Do I Have to Take?

Classes of 2018 and beyond – Tests in English language arts I and II, algebra I, geometry (or integrated mathematics I and II), biology or physical science (class of 2018 only), American history and American government. 
Classes of 2015-2017 – American history and American government.  

Practice Tests

In 2015-16 all tests will be administered in AIR.

The button below will take you to the Practice Test site. Login and choose a grade to see available practice tests.

Tests available by grade (1/5/2016)
3rd Grade - ELA/ Math
4th Grade - SS / ELA / Math
5th Grade - SCI / ELA / Math
6th Grade - SS / ELA / Math
7th Grade - ELA / Math
8th Grade - SCI / ELA /Math
High School
American Govt / American Hist / Biology / Phys Sci / HS ELA / HS Math & Algebra / HS Math & Geometry


Smarter Balanced Practice Tests

The Smarter Balanced Assessment consortium made up of 16 states that use the AIR testing plaform.

Sample Items and Performance Tasks

Practice Tests

Florida Practice Test

 Florida Practice Test (AIR) Florida is using AIR for Math and Language Arts Has more practice questions aligned to the same standards as OHIO. They are using a portal like Ohio the link below is to the answer keys for Florida.

Answer Keys for Florida Test (Jan 26th, 2016)


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Latest News

Updated resources for spring 2016 state testing Test Coordinator’s Manual and Directions for Administration Manual. The Test Administration Web page at education.ohio.gov provides descriptions and links to these and other resources Posted 2/19/2016

Video tutorials updated for 2016 AIR

and Navigation (7:32)

Tools (8:15)

Posted 1/22/16

Interactive Equation Tutorial:
Explains how to use the Equation Response Editor tool and lets you practice using it.

Posted 1/5/16


Sample online items for Ohio English language arts and mathematics, as well as online practice tests and released items for the Ohio science and social studies tests, are available on the Portal for Ohio's State Tests. Look for the Practice Tests icon on the home page. (10/26/2015)

Dates Posted for 2015-2016 Testing

Test Windows open on May 4th 2016 for Paper and Online.

Full details in this document from ODE

Calculator guidance for state tests in mathematics updated

ODE has updated two calculator guidance documents (one for high school and one for grades 6-8) to assist educators and parents whose students wish to select calculators they can use while taking state tests in mathematics. The range of allowable calculators for math tests is now wider than last year. The calculator guidance for the state test in high school physical science remains the same. Guidance for Math | Guidance for Physical Science

Ohio drops PARCC, calling it a ‘damaged’ brand  July 15, 2015
The longer, tougher PARCC school tests, criticized by many as too time-consuming and full of technological glitches, are gone from Ohio after one year. The new tests will come from the American Institutes for Research (AIR), which designed the science and social studies tests Ohio students took for the first time this year. Ohio education officials said Wednesday that the state has just begun talking to AIR about adding the new tests. Read More from eSchool News

Ohio dumps PARCC in favor of AIR for all subject areas.  July 1, 2015

With the signing into law of the Biennial Budget Ohio has dropped the PARCC testing platform (TestNav by Pearson) and will contract with American Institutes of Research (AIR) to provide testing for Math and English Language Arts as well as the existing Science and Social Studies.

Read more on this on the State Impact website.

Older news can be found here...


GAFE and the Next Generation Assessments

Is your school adopting Google Apps for Education?
This section contains resources presented at the 
ITIP Google Summit on May 14-15 2015.

 Presentation (gSlides)

 Resources Folder

(Added Oct 30)

State Testing Window Opens

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